the twits

the twits.

I like the bit when mrs twit is flying away beacuse the bloons were healime.

I also like the bit when mr twit has worms in his spagetty.

I like front cover because mr and mrs are standing upside down.

from harry webster.

the suitcase kid

my book he suitcase kid is about a girl named Andy.Her mum and dad have split up so she has tow go to her mums house one week then her dads the her mums house her step sister Katie calls her Andy panday

Each of the chapters a letter from the alphabet. Andy has a toy rabbit called radish.

the twits

my book review on the sutcase kid

beauty and the beast

i like the book because the prince turns into a beast . THE three sisters were called ROSE ANNIE and BEAUTY. Her sisters were mad at her becuase she got all the attention and they were selfish as they thought she was selfish but they were. All the girls and their dad had to move to a cottage. Beauty met the beast then they had a wedding where he turned back into prince charming!

By AMY!!!

The pain and the great one.

The pain and the great one is a really awsum and amazing it is about brother and sister and they hate each other and i mean HATE but sometimes they do stick up for each other. One of the chapter's is called the BREAF KAST CAFIE as in breakfast cafie oh, and I liked the bit when jake is a waitress it was funny.BY HEIDI DUNBAR.

The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in America

Hey there! I'm going to review Tintin in America by Herge. This was the third tintin book, until the second was banned because it included a drawing of an African person, making him look extremely stupid. Another reason it was banned is because of animal killing. But Tintin in America featured none of that. It was based in Chicago, America. It features Tintin, a reporter, and his dog, Snowy. They were meant to go on a holiday, but ended up being bait for the bad guys. One time, He captured a baddie and a policeman called him up to capture more - this time he gets money. He applied - and of course fell through a trap door into a room full of gas. Another time, he was tied to train tracks. I liked all of the suspense, and that clears this paragraph.

The characters obviously included Tintin and Snowy. There was Thompson and Thomson, two police officers, Bobby Smiles, the fake police man I told you about earlier, and Alcatraz, Another bad guy. There were also many other charecters.

That pretty much covers this review. So here are the ratings:

Story - 4/5

Author - 3/5

Suspence - 5/5

Overall - 4.5/5

Conclusion - This suprised me. I never thought this could be so good.

This is Jack Middleton. =)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

My Book review is on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K Rowling.

The book is very good. This year it was year seven and Harry, Ron and Hermione are looking for horcurxes. Professor Snape is head master but is also the captain of Slytherin. Professor Dumbeldore has been killed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Snape has taken over Hogwarts and Death Eaters have been picked to teach at Hogwarts. Ginny Ron's little sister used to go out with Harry but she stills have feelings for him. Harry still has feelings for her as well.

Professor MaGonngal tried her best to save Hogwarts. The Order of Phoenix try to help MaGonnanal. Ginny is an under- age witch and ins not allowed to do magic with out being in a class.

Nevil Longbottom kills the last horcrux... Nagini she is Lord Voldemorts i mean (he should not be named) snake.

Snape dies. HURRY!!!.

Sadly...NOT...Harry kills Lord Voldemort.

19 Years later...

Ron and Hermione get married and have two children a boy and a girl.

Harry and Ginny get married also and have three children.

They put their children on the Hogwarts Express. Which means Hogwarts must of got rebuilt after the Death Eaters had destroyed it.

I love the books and the films. I'm really sad that it's the end of the Harry Potter novels.

If you read this thanks .

By Rebecca Dewar.

Olympia: Jump For Glory by Rohan

Olympia:Jump for Glory by Shoo Rayner is a great book!

This book is about: ' Olly really wants to win the Boys Jumping Competition. And he really wants to beat his arch enemy Spiro. Will his meeting with Leon the tree cutter help him to win the competition?'

I liked this book because it shows that even when you feel you aren't good with a sport, you can still do well.

My favourite characters are Olly and Leon. I like Olly because he is the main character. I like Leon because in the pictures he looks really scary but actually he is really nice.

I rate this book 10 out of 10 because it is good.

You should definetly read this book by Shoo Rayner.

This reveiw is by Rohan Tauro, age 9 from the High School of Dundee.

my book reiew on the